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MbRable technology

The membrane cassettes MBRable series have been specially designed and incorporate a number of new technologies, so they are very energy efficient and achieve very high production rates, all based on the resistance to fouling.

They are composed of:


                           MbRable technology  

We have developed a hollow fiber membrane of the highest quality, with effective pore size of 0.02 microns , made of PVDF and with a low density, which makes it physically and chemically resistant.

Membranes are sorted and arranged in horizontal layout with a special braiding that provides extra resistance to the whole. Bundles of fiber are housed in a double collector of machined PVC. Glues and adhesives are not used in the manufactur process, then the set is strong, durable and resistant to chemical attack (acids, alkalis, oxidants, etc.)


Our chassis are made of stainless steel AISI 316, incorporating an aeration system in the frame that optimizes airflow for cleaning membranes, generating two types of bubbles, the thick bubbles are in charge of membrane vibration, and the thin ones to produce permanent washing.

The aeration system has its own tap water washing system and being made entirely of stainless steel is durable, reliable and maintenance free.

The chassis incorporates a membrane vibration system.

It is manufactured with a protective cage , which protects the whole.

It is specially designed for easy replacement of the module in case of breakage and through Windows allows an easy and simple inspection of the membranes.

This chassis is ready for the incorporation of all peripherals and auxiliary.


The membrane cassettes feature a series of auxiliary elements that allow to optimize the production of ultra-filtered water.

Horizontal arrangement of membranes

                             MbRable technology
Makes that the small gas bubbles passing through the membrane does not have volume change. As a result we obtain an increase in flow. 

Induced vibration system

                             MbRable technology

Unique and exclusive system which allows the fibers to vibrate at a controlled frequency, preventing the deposition of solids on the membrane surface, avoiding premature fouling and minimizing energy consumption.

Double collector

                             MbRable technology

Enables outgassing to occur in the collector in stead of in the capillary tube. Suction and chemical cleaning is done from both ends, enabling you to reach any point.


                             MbRable technology

In charge to collect and automatically purge the air before reaching the pumps, stabilizing the flow. This is performed without electrical or pneumatic drives so it is maintenance free.

Air broadcast system

                             MbRable technology

It generates bubbles of different sizes. The fine increase the probability of impact and the thick are responsible for removing the separated solid. This system is unique in the market. Thanks to its design and configuration, there are no dead zones.

Mobile cleaning system

                            MbRable technology

Patented cleaning system that projects pressurized water, air and/or chemicals through nozzles, removing sticky dirt.

Control and isolation valves

                            MbRable technology

Allow to isolate and cancel each membranes module

                           MbRable technology

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