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Membrane cassettes


MBRable membrane modules are specially designed for use in aerobic membrane bioreactors for both municipal and industrial wastewater treatment.

They can be easily installed on existing bioreactors, rising to four times its purification capacity and providing high quality treated water, being in many cases suitable for reuse.

MBRable modules incorporate all the technology and technical innovations necessary to provide high and stable flows with minimal operating costs.

The high quality of the materials used, a meticulous quality control and mass production give as result a much more resistant, durable and reliable product, at the best price.


Membrane cassettes

How does it work?

Ultrafiltration modules consist of membranes of PVDF hollow fiber, with 0.02 µm pore sizes, mounted on a stainless frame of stainless and incorporate degassing system, vibration system, cleaning system, etc.

The membrane modules are immersed in the liquor mixture, and can operate in the reactor itself or in external configuration.

A suction pressure (200 mbar) is generated by a pump. The suction pressure pulls water to the inside of the fibers, leaving particulate matter greater than 0.02 µm on the feed side (the outside) of the fiber.
Filtered water from all of the capillaries is collected in a common collector. The solids retained on the membrane surface are removed by a continuous air flow combined with a continuous vibration of the capillaries and a reversed flow (batch press).

                                  Membrane cassettes

                   Membrane cassettes      Membrane cassettes

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