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Lunes, 23 de Junio de 2014
Bodegas Ibañesas de Exportación is committed to the MBRable technology of Europe Membrane company for the treatment of wastewater from its winery.
Bodegas Ibañesas is positioned as the first company in the sector of wineries in the province of Albacete to implement this wastewater treatment technology, relying, for this, on the company Europe Membrane, specialized in manufacturing ultrafiltration cassettes and units.
Bodegas Ibañesas has started the works for the installation of the wasteater treatment plant using the MBRable technology of Europe Membrane in its facilities of Casas Ibañez in the province of Albacete.
This technology allows to reach water of maximum quality and high flows with minimum energy, operation and maintenance costs.
The MBRable train is a prefabricated ultrafiltration unit ready for use in bioreactors that get treated water free of contaminants, viruses and bacteria.
The treated water is suitable for dumping to land or to public waterway and is also suitable for use as irrigation or washing water.
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