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Lunes, 03 de Marzo de 2014
Europe membrane presents its simulation software for the calculation of ultrafiltration membranes MBRableCalc
Europe Membrane simulation software for the calculation of membranes surface and flow from the characteristics of the water to be purified.
Europe Membrane has developed a simulation software to help planners and engineers to determine the membrane surface required for the proper functioning of a membrane bioreactor (MBR) in their wastewater treatment projects.
From these parameters:
- type of water, flow rate,
- quality of the influent / effluent,
- reactor conditions,
the program determines:
- surface of membranes,
- flow,
- useful life,
- hourly and daily production
in design or critical configuration, as well as the peak parameters corresponding to the recommended surface.
MbrCalc is a unique software in the market that allows us to calculate, in a quick and simple way, the membrane surface necessary for the MBR ultrafiltration system and generate a personalized report.
Europe Membrane, has developed this software, based on data obtained from the different plants where his MBR technology is installed.
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You can download our information folder here
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