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Jueves, 23 de Marzo de 2023
Urban wastewater treatment with MBR

Bioreactor for sanitary waste water. Europe Membrane successfully tests its compact ultra-filtration module.

Europe Membrane tests its compact ultrafiltration module for sanitary wastewater in a bioreactor. This test confirms the results obtained at laboratory level.
As a result of two months of work, we can say that subcritical flow, with a concentration of solids in suspension, MLSS, 5 g/l, is 45 lm2h. This flow is maintained with filtration periods of 15 minutes and backwash periods of 12 seconds.
The test also corroborates the effectiveness of physical cleaning system since it allows to lengthen the filtration cycles minimizing the use of chemicals, with savings in chemicals and in operation time. This system consists of water jets projection along the entire length of membranes.
Another very important aspect has been the reduction in the energy required for the agitation of the membranes. This is achieved by the particular system of air diffusion incorporated in the cassette which generates two types of bubbles with different sizes.
All these aspects confirms that MBRable systems manage to maintain high water flow with greater energy efficiency.

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